The Interdisciplinary Research Facility Life Sciences (IRF Ls)




The IRF Life Sciences comprises the research facilities for life sciences studies at KU Leuven Kulak. It is an interdisciplinary facility in which researchers from different disciplines share common facilities and engage in research across disciplinary boundaries. The facility currently houses more than 60 researchers who are active in the fields of biomedicine, biochemistry and biotechnology, biology and bio-engineering. More than half of these researchers are PhD students.

The IRF Life Sciences provides facilities for physiological, biochemical and molecular research. It houses advanced equipment such as a flow cytometer, confocal microscope and L2 cell culture facilities. It also houses an animalium for studies using mouse models. The IRF Life Sciences was founded in 1974 and the available laboratory space was doubled in 2012 to a total of 2000 m2.

Research in the IRF Life Science focuses on several fields: thrombosis & haemostasis, neurodegeneration, aquatic biology, fats in food, renewable materials and nanotechnology, tissue engineering, biomechanical research, biological applications of ultrasound and kidney function. Three of KULeuven Kulak's research teams are active in the facility.


small07 Contact

Prof. dr. Karen Vanhoorelbeke
Tel: ++32 56 24 60 61
Fax:++32 56 24 69 97

Sigrid Vanryckeghem
Tel: ++32 56 24 64 13
Fax:++32 56 24 69 97

Address: IRF Life Sciences, KU Leuven Kulak (Gebouw E), E. Sabbelaan 53, B-8500 Kortrijk-Belgium