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Silent Questions in the WeConnect Platform

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You must be in a lecture to be able to use these interaction features. If needed, read the instructions for creating a lecture first.

The participants (students) must be logged in into the Barco WeConnect platform with permission to access your lecture.

(Images on the right are student-views.)



At the left of the screen, click on the 'Question'-icon.

At the start, there are no active or answered questions.

After login in, the student gets this screen:

  To ask a question, the student needs to click on the icon in te upper left corner:
  The student types his question in the textfield. Pressing Enter sends the question.
  Clicking on 'Show Silent Questions', the student can see all the questions and is able to like one or more questions bij clicking the heart-symbol. The student can also delete or edit his/her question.

In the upper right corner of the teacher's screen, you get an alert that shows how many silent questions are pending. 

Clicking on the alert icon gives a short overview of the questions.


By clicking on a question (or clicking the question icon on the left of your screen) you see the Silent Question Overview screen where you can manage the questions.



After answering a question, click the checkmark at the bottom.



The questions will now be arranged by 'Active' and 'Answered'.

  The student also sees that a question is categorized by 'answered'.

Click on the 'download' button to get an excelsheet with the data.

You can see that even an anonymous answer reveals the students name:


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