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MirrorOp for teachers.

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ATTENTION: If you want to use the screenmanagement,
then your FIRST step is to start the screenmanagemt (http://kulak.edu.barco.com),
the SECOND step is making a connection through MirrorOp.


For KULeuven Kortrijk: you need to be connected to the campusroam wireless network!


connecting your screen to a display through MirrorOp

Start MirrorOp.

(When MirrorOp is not yet installed, go to our downloadpage, download and install the program.)




MirrorOp searches for available sources, but you may cancel this.

Click at the bottom on ‘Hostname of IP invoeren’ and fill in the name of the display where you want to stream to.
The name is indicated at the bottom of the display and begins with ‘disp-…’

Click on ‘VERBINDEN’ (Connect).

A four digit code appears at the bottom left side of the display. Enter this code in MirrorOp.

Has the four digit code disappeared from the display?
Fill in a random code, you get an error and the correct code appears again on the display.

Click on the arrow at the top left to close the display-list (or wait a few seconds).


Click on the ‘Play’-button to schare your screen with the display.

You can pauze, resume or stop the projection.

Pausing the projection in MirrorOp can be very usefull when you want to do something on your computer that students don't need to see. Your actions wil not be shown on the display(s) unless you activate MirrorOp again through the ‘Play’-button.

Adding favorites to MirrorOp

You can add every display to a list of favorites by clicking on the star next to the name of the display. The star turns blue.


A list of favorites can be downloaded on our downloadpage.

To import this list, click on the wheel at the upper left corner and choose ‘Voorkeuren’ (Preferences).

(On Mac: ‘MirrorOp – Voorkeuren’)

Click on the tab ‘Favorieten’ and import the downloaded file. 

IMPORTANT: Be shure to check ‘Favorieten’ under ''Stndrdlijst"!

Click ‘OK’.




When you start MirrorOp you get your list of favorites on the openingscreen.

You can still add new favorites manually by clicking the star.


Avoiding an infinite duplication of your screen on the display(s).

Click on the wheel at the upper left corner and choose ‘Voorkeuren’ (Preferences).


On the tab ‘Algemeen' (General) you have to fill in teacher (all letters lowercase) in the field 'Naam'. 

So your screen will not be duplicated any more (after a restart of MirrorOp).


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