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Knowledge Transfer

Kulak attaches great importance to its service to the community, which can take on many forms, ranging from giving advice to establishing spin-off companies.

Valorisation coordinators

Together with LRD, the knowledge transfer service of KU Leuven Association, he is responsible for establishing contacts between Kulak and regional actors. He assists Kulak researchers in finding partners in companies, hospitals, the social profit sector,....  He is also the first contact for companies or expertise centres with a concrete research question.

The valorisation coordinator also makes it possible for undergraduate students to carry out a research project, either by providing a trainee post in a company or an expertise centre in the region, or in a research unit of Kulak, KU Leuven or a foreign partner university.

Together with the Research Coordinator Hans Deckmyn and the Research and Knowledge Transfer Manager, Petra Huyst, they give shape to the knowledge transfer policy of Kulak as a pillar of its Research policy.


Together with KU Leuven Research and Development, the valorisation coordinator also promotes the formation of new research-oriented and innovative companies. Kulak's most important spin-offs are BLCC (Business Language and Communication Centre), Televic Education and AlgoNomics.

Business Language and Communication Centre
  • BLCC is the language centre of VOKA West-Vlaanderen, VOKA Halle-Vilvoorde, KU Leuven Kulak and Leuven Research and Development and organizes personal language training for professionals. BLCC is specialized in blended learning and combines face-to-face training with self-teaching through e-learning.
  • Established in September 1990 by KU Leuven Kulak and Kamer voor Handel en Nijverheid Kortrijk.
Televic Education
  • Development of educational multimedia.
  • Established in June 2008, after the merger of Artec and Indie Education.
  • Telraam (subsequently Indie Education) was established in 2001 by Bert Wylin (Impulscentre of Educational Innovation Kulak) and Point X.
  • Structure-based sequence prediction, derived tools and data bases using its integrated bioinformatics data-mining environment.
  • Established in July 1999 by Johan Desmet (IRC Kulak) and Ignace Lasters (Plant Genetic Systems nv).