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External partners

Kulak cooperates with different partners in the region. Since a few years, the group Biomedical Sciences Kulak has been collaborating with the hospital AZ Groeninge, for research as well as educational purposes.

Each academic year, the group Biomedical Sciences can count on the enthousiastic cooperation of a team of doctors, who receive the students for an  observation internship. During this observation internship, students see how theoretical knowledge is applied in a clinical setting. In addition, some doctors of AZ Groeninge come to Kulak to give guest lectures.

Every year, the group Biomedical Sciences Kulak and AZ Groeninge organize a symposium for students and professors of KU Leuven, staff members of AZ Groeninge and all general practitioners who, on a yearly basis, make the effort to make sure medicine students are given a chance to successful internship.

On the level of research, the different co-publications and joint projects (for example oncology) need mentioning, as well as the fact that Materlise donated a chair in hand surgery to Kulak in order to deepen further research in functional anatomy and biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system, focused on function and dysfunction of the hand. (For more information, please consult Dagkrant KU Leuven).