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Community Outreach

Life Long Learning

More and more often, a basic diploma is just a start , and the first part of a life-long adventure. From then on, you gain experience, evolve, reorder priorities and realize that it is time for you to expand your horizons or to keep up with recent developments. In this case, Kulak is an excellent starting point. We offer you different forms of post university education and the chance to find what you are looking for.


External partners

KU Leuven Kulak wants to share and strengthen its educational expertise and scientific knowledge in cooperation with prominent external partners, and this on several levels. Kulak is convinced of the importance of a strong regional anchorage in Flanders, but also collaborates closely with national and international educational institutes, research institutes, hospitals and industrial partners.


Knowledge transfer

For KU Leuven Kulak, transferring the knowledge assembled by its nine research units is very important. Two valorisation coordinators map out the research expertise, explore possibilities to valorise the research done on campus and set up concrete partnerships with external partners.


Kids and Juniors

Universities want to open up the interesting world of researchers and their research to kids and youngsters. Kids are surprised to find that science plays an important part in  every-day life and to see how researchers commit themselves to the future. KU Leuven Kulak wants to give youngsters a taste of science by means of a number of initiatives.



The interdisciplinary think tank Metaforum Leuven endeavours to strengthen the input of the KU Leuven in discussions that  are of interest to society. Scientists representing a broad range of disciplines work together and study problems relevant to society. The colloquia and topical lectures of the Metaforum Leuven can be followed in Kortrijk through live videoconferencing. In the near future, Kulak will also organize its own lectures and meetings in Kortrijk.


Development cooperation

KU Leuven Kulak does not only invest in international programmes, but also in development cooperation. Students are actively involved in these projects. Every year, medicine students go to the Philippines, where they experience first-hand how  medical science in a third world country operates. Together with the University of  Stellenbosch, students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences set up an educational project in the townships of Cape Town. Thanks to this project, youngsters can learn the English language, using our ICT knowledge and facilities.


University Parish

Kulak has an active Student Parish that, based on a human and Christian approach, contributes to student life. It organizes a wide variety of events and offers students the opportunity to join in and actively contribute to these activities. The goal is threefold: to promote friendship, to sustain  social activities and to give a deeper meaning to student life.