Diana Castilleja, Lieven D’hulst, Krista Slagle, Katrien Van der Aa


With the help of
Marie Beels, Hanne Callewaert, Marjan De Smet, Sofie De Smyter, Theo D’haen


Research in the field of Caribbean literatures has assumed large proportions over the past decades, which has resulted in a very substantial scientific output all over the world. This bibliography aims to offer a detailed and yet practical overview of the three main Caribbean literatures. It not only contains international publications (monographs, articles in journals and collections, and publications available in other formats such as doctoral dissertations), but also local publications, which function as barometers of literary topicality The chosen period (1954-2004) coincides with the development and diversification of the research.


The structure of the bibliography is as follows: the first chapter reviews general studies (including bibliographies) concerning the Caribbean as such. Chapters two to four are devoted to the three linguistic areas. Each of these chapters consists of two parts: the first part focuses on the general references that apply to that particular language; the second part takes the islands as criterion, and distinguishes for each island between general studies and studies on individual authors (including themes, oeuvre, etc.), ordered alphabetically and chronologically by critic. Some authors may be classified in another language area than the language they write in, for instance an author who writes in English but who was born in the Dominican Republic or Haiti. In this case, the place of birth is decisive for the classification. When multiple languages, islands, literary authors or texts are discussed within a single publication, the latter will be mentioned in all of the categories provided. Whenever possible, the references are in accordance with the MLA Output Style.

No bibliography is ever complete and neither is this one, despite the use of a wide variety of source material (journals, books, catalogues, bibliographies etc.). However, more than any of these sources (which are included in the “General Studies”) this bibliography offers a comprehensive research instrument for three major Caribbean literatures and provides by means of a simple and open interface the opportunity to access and order detailed information on hundreds of authors and thousands of texts which were the object of scientific research during a period of fifty years.

We would like to thank the following institutions, which made this research and the publication of its results possible: the FWO-Vlaanderen (Research Foundation – Flanders), the Department of Literary Studies of the K.U.Leuven, and the library, the IT department and the Faculty of Arts of the KU Leuven Kulak.




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