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Here we gather information for international researchers visiting campus Kulak.

Welcome at KU Leuven Campus Kulak Kortrijk

Kulak is a warm-hearted campus where all visitors are welcome. It is a unique environment, cloaked in peace and quiet while bubbling with energy. It is part of the scientific, social, cultural, medical, economical and industrial networks of the region and the surrounding Eurometropolis.



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The number of international researchers at Kulak continues to increase. Currently 42 international researchers from 24 different countries walk around campus. What is it like being an international researcher on campus? Researchers share their experiences.

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HR & well-being

We want to set up a pleasant and safe environment here at Campus Kulak. If you have problems you can contact an ombudsperson. 

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Social interaction at Kulak

Besides the Doctoral Working Group activities, there are other social initiatives @ Kulak. Find out more on the following pages:



Doctoral Working Group

The Doctoral Working Group (DWG) is a lively group of doctoral studens who represent the interests of the doctoral students from KU Leuven at Kulak, Ostend and Bruges and are supportive of PhD students and internationals. DWG acts on three different levels: academic, social and communication. Please visit the DWG wiki, register for email lists and get involved. Contact: Hannelore Franck

Buddy system

The DWG has set-up a Buddy system to welcome and guide new PhD students and internationals (also predocs and postdocs). We advise the inviting professor to inform the DWG contact point for buddies about the new researcher several weeks before his or her arrival.