ICT Helpdesk

You can contact the KULAK IT helpdesk if you have issues with or questions about IT services on campus.

Contact local KULAK IT helpdesk
  • e-mail: helpdesk @ kuleuven-kulak.be
  • Telephone/Skype for Business: search for contact "kulak helpdesk ICT" or call internal number 6464.
    • hint: add "kulak helpdesk ict" as "favourite" in your Skype for Business contact list
    • Let the phone ring for a while. If the helpdesk staffer is not at his or her desk, your phone call will be forwarded to his or her mobile phone.
      You can also contact the KULAK reception if you cannot contact anyone.
    • Do not use Skype for Business Instant Messaging to contact KULAK Helpdesk
KULeuven central IT helpdesk

You can contact ICTS Servicepunt for questions about or problems with central services like e-mail and other ICTS services.

Current messages or warnings: status.kuleuven.be

You can locate this page at www.kuleuven-kulak.be/helpdesk