Kulak aims at being a warm-hearted campus where all visitors are welcome. It is a unique environment, cloaked in peace and quiet while bubbling with energy. It is part of the scientific, social, cultural, medical, economical and industrial networks of the region and the surrounding Eurometropolis.

Our small scale is our trump card and we play it in the three domains of our mission: education, research and service to society.

Our students receive their academic training in relatively small groups. In those groups, professors and assistants find themselves among the students. They are approachable and have made student coaching their priority. This results in excellent pass rates. Of course, the students have themselves to thank for this success. There is strong social cohesion among the students of the different study domains. They help each other and do not leave people to fend for themselves. Moreover, they get to know students across the borders of their own area of study, which stimulates their socio-cultural education as well as interdisciplinary approaches.

An interdisciplinary approach is the main asset of our research too. Contrary to other universities, the research departments are not spread over independent units, but form part of one campus. This results in original and innovative research within the domains of human sciences, biomedical sciences and exact sciences and technology. Across the borders of these domains, scientists collaborate in interdisciplinary research projects that are internationally renowned.

Socially, the Kulak staff have never lived in an ivory tower. For more than half a century, researchers and professors have placed themselves at the service of the region. Their research and teaching has been conducted in close contact with the provincial authorities and the industry, hospitals, primary and secondary schools, museums, etc. in the region and has supported a whole variety of local projects. The campus also offers a broad range of life-long learning programmes, often in co-operation with other institutes of higher education.

At Kulak one can get a taste of university life all day long, in an atmosphere of friendship that offers enough opportunities to relax. Thanks to the efforts of many, many can really enjoy university life here.


Marc Depaepe - Vice rector

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