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Assistance to students

Kulak has about 1000 students. Central to their training is the total concept of ‘Guided Self-study’, in which a strong link between research and tuition is of vital importance. Students are responsible for their personal learning process, but they are not left to their own devices. Numerous staff members are involved in providing assistance to students. They can help them each in their own way. Nevertheless, they respect students' independency and do not force their help on them, neither do they patronize them.

Support concerning the study material If you have problems related to the subject matter of the courses, there are different staff members who can help you, depending on your study program. First of all, you can ask your questions to the instructors who are always available for you. You can contact them personally or via Toledo. You can also consult this electronic learning environment for all other matters. Some courses provide intermittent tests. 

Student Tutorial Service

The Student Tutorial Service is a specific service for first bachelor students of the Faculty of Arts, Business and Economics, Educational Sciences and Law. Students are free to decide whether they use this service or not.

For each course, there are regular exercise sessions in small groups. You can ask the student counsellor things you did not understand well in class. In these sessions, you also see what exam questions you can expect, and especially how to study a course. You also can contact your student counsellor individually if you have problems with a course.

Working Sessions, Explanatory Sessions and Practica

Specifically for students of Medicine and Science & Technology, there are weekly working sessions that help to explain the material taught in class by doing excercises. In those sessions, you solve problems and topics in group. 

When your questions about the material could not be answered in the working sessions, the more occasional explanatory sessions can offer you additional help.

In the practica, you do things yourself like observations and measurements on concrete instruments and materials. Here, you test out theory and thus deepen your understanding of the course and  develop experimental skills.

Study Advice and Counseling Department

Apart from content questions, you can have questions about your study program. In this case, please contact the Study Advice and Counseling Department. You can get in touch with this service for individual assistance concerning questions or problems that are not directly related to a particular course. Some examples of possible problems are: you are not able to study the large amount of material, you think your studies are too difficult, you don't manage to plan, you have too much stress, you keep putting off everything... We will also help you if you consider to change your field of study or if you have more personal questions or problems.  


The Ombudsperson

During the exam period, an ombudsperson is appointed to mediate in case of problems. This person also attends the deliberations in order to promote the students' interests.

The Student Parish

The Student Parish also helps to improve conditions of studying.

Student Administration 

The Department of Student Administration answers your questions about financing, accommodation, home situation, living and studying independently, or any other social matter. 

Student Advisor

The professor who is appointed student advisor assists the campus rector on all matters related to student life. He is responsible for accommodation, the student restaurant and bar, the faculty circle, the parish and sports. If you have any proposals, complaints or problems related to one of these topics, you can contact him. Students with psychosocial problems can also ask him for help.