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Faculty of Arts

Our faculty focuses on two important areas within cultural studies: History and Languages. Since culture and intercultural dialogue are more and more important in our multicultural society, they are the basis for education and research at our faculty.

Students of History get a historical overview from Antiquity to the present day. For each historical period, they learn in detail how social, cultural and political facts and structures interact and influence  each other.

Students of Linguistics and Literature learn what linguistics and literature are and gain an insight into their cultural function and social significance. They learn to be proficient in 2 languages, both orally and in writing.

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Prof. dr. Tom Verschaffel
Gebouw A, kantoor A209
Tel.: +32 56 24 61 41
Fax: +32 56 24 69 99


Mevr. Katia Verhelst
Gebouw A, Onderwijssecretariaat
Tel.: +32 56 24 60 58
Fax: + 32 56 24 60 52