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Works Council

The Works Council is composed in accordance with the statutory provisions. This means that the Works Council

  • on the one hand, is composed of the Managing Director and one or more active and substitute representatives indicated by him. The employer must choose his representatives among the executive staff; 
  • on the other hand, is composed of some active and substitute representatives of the staff members. The number of active representatives must not be less than two and more than twenty-five.

The Head of the Works Council is the Managing Director of KU Leuven. The Acting Head is appointed by the Head during the first meeting of the Council. The Secretary is elected among the active members of the staff delegation.


Prof. dr. K. Debackere, Head

Mr. L. Danneels, Acting Head

Mrs. M. Seynaeve, Secretary


(active) Employer's Delegates

Mrs. M.V. Braecke, directeur Algemeen Beheer
Prof. dr. K. Debackere, Managing Director
Prof. dr. J. Beirlant, Campus Rector
Mr. L. Danneels

(active) Employee's Delegates

Mrs. A. Decabooter
Mr. S. Calu
Mrs. C. Degraeve
Mrs. M. Seynaeve

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